Updated Feb 18, 2021


In Minnesota, you are eligible now to get vaccinated if you are a:

As of March 10, 2021, more Minnesotans are added to the list of those eligible to receive the COVID vaccine including:

As of March 10, the following will be eligible for the COVID Vaccine. Visit the Minnesota Department of Health website for further information on who is eligible to receive the COVID vaccine.

People with Underlying Health Conditions

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  • people with specific underlying health conditions including sickle cell disease, Down syndrome, or oxygen-dependent chronic lung or heart conditions
  • those who are being treated for cancer and organ transplant recipients.

Minnesota Workers

  • food processing plant workers
  • child care workers not previously eligible
  • first responders
  • grocery store staff
  • judicial system workers
  • factory workers
  • public health workers
  • public transit
  • Postal Service workers
  • people in correctional settings

Also Eligible

  • Minnesotan age 65 or older
  • Health care worker
  • Long-term care resident or staff member
  • Pre-kindergarten through Adult Basic and Community Education school staff member, or contracted school staff member
  • Child care staff member at a licensed and certified child care center or program

Demand for vaccine far exceeds supply, and we encourage Minnesotans to remain patient as more vaccine arrives in the weeks and months ahead. Minnesota is continuing to distribute vaccines using a phased approach to immunize for impact by focusing on populations with heightened risk of getting COVID-19, as well as those at significant risk of severe illness and complications if they become infected.

The State of Minnesota has now released a Vaccine Connector to alert you when you are eligible to receive the vaccine.

Latest in vaccine information from the MN Department of Health.


The State of MN now has incredible testing facilities that are no-cost and available to everyone on the community. I did the spit test and it was extremely simple, well-run, and the test results were back the next day.

Who should get tested?

  • Anyone with symptoms should seek out testing. 
  • Anyone who was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 should get tested. 
  • Anyone who has attended a one-time, high-risk activity, such as a large gathering or an indoor event with people you do not live with.  
  • Anyone who is actively engaged with people outside of their household or is working at places that remain open during the pandemic. This includes critical infrastructure, first responders, health care, retail, etc.
  • Anyone who is returning to a classroom or campus should get tested.

Stay Safe

It is up to each of us to keep ourselves and our neighbors as safe as possible from COVID-19 and to minimize its spread.

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