Campaign Civility Promise

I am writing this post during Primary voting as an upset voter and citizen.

First, I promise you our campaign will to the best of our abilities always be positive and focused on issues affecting Shakopee, Jackson Township, Louisville Township, and the State of Minnesota and how to make our communities better for our future.

Second, like many people, I have gotten a ton of gross and inexcusable emails, voicemails, mailers, and door knocks during this 2018 GOP Primary. Much of it is coming from PACs and other big-money organizations on candidate Mortensen’s behalf with whom his campaign can not coordinate. However, candidate Mortensen has neither said nor done anything publicly to denounce these unprecedentedly negative political tactics against his political opponent.

As you know, I am not a fan of Representative Loonan. He has done some very good things many others where we disagree vehemently.

Bob is not without fault here and has made many mistakes. However, he is also a human being and does not deserve the insane level of vitriol and nastiness that is being pushed his way during this primary.

We will absolutely point out differences in our opinions, platforms, and stances, but our campaign will never stoop to this insane level. Together, Shakopee is better than this and we deserve better than this primary has offered.

Thank you!


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