Virtually attend our 2022 Precinct Caucus!

Action Items for YOU

This year, we have an opponent for the DFL endorsement and I need your help participating in the party process so we earn the DFL endorsement and backing.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the Precinct Caucus Non-Attendee form.
  2. Find out what precinct you live in (if you don’t know). Shakopee Precinct Map
  3. Complete the form digitally or printing. Directions for each section on the form:
    1. Your information.
    2. Contact information.
    3. Check the box if you meet the criteria.
    4. Don’t worry about this. I already checked the box for you.
    5. Add any issues you care about.
    6. Sign by typing in your name or completing by hand.
  4. Scan or take a photo of the form and email to before 9 pm on February 1.

DFL Endorsement

Each major political party has a process for endorsing a single candidate each election in Minnesota. The DFL works to make sure local voices are heard in every single race and the process begins at the precinct level and for our race is a two-step process to be endorsed as the DFL candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Step One – Caucus

The Caucus is where neighbors sit down by precinct and talk about issues they want the DFL to tackle and who should represent them to select the best candidate(s) to win for their neighborhood.

Each precinct sends delegates to the Senate District Convention where they will endorse a DFL candidate.

***Contactless Caucus***

Due to the current COVID outbreak, our Senate District (SD55) is holding a contactless caucus on February 1. You will fill out a form and either email or drop it off. Simply by doing this, you will (in most cases) move on to step two as a delegate to endorse #TeamTabke!!

We need 15 people from each Shakopee precinct to submit the form.

Step Two – Senate District Convention

We do not know the details for the Senate District Convention due to COVID. We’ll cross that bridge in the future. Brad has an opponent for the DFL endorsement. This is why we need to work hard and show up for the party process.

At the Convention, Brad will be nominated as our DFL Candidate and the delegates present will vote.

Our Opponent

We have an opponent in our campaign for Minnesota House of Representatives this year – and it is a candidate from within our party. That’s right, we have an opponent for the DFL endorsement and we need to work hard to make sure we win the endorsement. If we don’t, we lose significant support from the DFL.

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