Our Leadership Manifesto

Shakopee, Jackson Township, and Louisville Township are growing, evolving, and thriving with an incredible mix of rural, urban, and suburban culture. I am running for the Minnesota House District 55A seat to represent us in St Paul.

At the Legislature, I want to work for you. I want to help focus our state government on the future for all of us and our next generations. To accomplish this, our State government must give power back to local governments. This is where the best decisions can be made— closest to the people. Local entities must have a voice on policy and how to best spend our hard-earned dollars.

Workforce Development

Our workforce is the key to Minnesota’s future. We must protect and grow it.

As a State, we do not have the fundamentals in place to support future jobs and workforce development. We must have a functioning transportation system with a mix of both roads and transit to accomplish our goals.

Embracing Our Differences

Minnesota’s diversity is another key to our success. It is unconscionable to me that Minnesota can simultaneously rank second best in the nation for raising a family while also being second worst in the nation for racial inequities.

Collaborative Governing

None of this can happen without the ability to sit down together, find compromise, and govern collaboratively. During my time as Mayor, I was open to connecting with anyone who was willing to work hard to find solutions that were a win for them and a win for Shakopee. It never mattered where they were from, what they wanted to accomplish, or what party they represented. We worked together for the betterment of our community. Period.

In the end, I hope you will take the time to connect with our campaign, think about the solutions we are presenting, and vote for me on November 6 to represent you in the Minnesota House.

- Brad

Brad Tabke, 55a
Brad Tabke
brad tabke for mn
Katy, Jean, Ila, and Brad Tabke

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