Tabke for Minnesota

Our campaign has knocked on thousands of doors and had meaningful conversations with hundred and hundreds of residents and business owners in Shakopee, Jackson Township, and Louisville Township.

From the beginning of our campaign, we put forward a positive, forward-looking message about where we can go in our community and as a State. I hope you take the time to read through each issue thoughtfully and discuss them with your neighbors and friends.

I believe government has a very serious role in our lives and can do great work for the people it serves if we work together on positive, necessary issues at each level of government while believing in the power that individuals have in working together for solutions.

I hear about many issues each day from the affordability of health care to sitting on 169 going to work to frustration in our education system.

Below you will find my positions on a variety of issues I hear from you. If you want to talk more about them, please text or call me at 952.225.3124 or email

I look forward to hearing from you.


Workforce Development

Minnesota has been known nationally for having a powerhouse workforce. However, we are falling behind in our ability to attract and grow new businesses because of our ability to maintain a steady, educated workforce.

We must focus on a workforce development for the future in Minnesota. This has three main components:


Our residents must be successfully educated for the careers of tomorrow from pre-K through retirement.

As the husband of a public school teacher, I know the passion our local teachers bring to their job everyday. I believe it is vital to give our teachers and administrators the resources they need to properly run our schools. Given these resources and room for innovation, these classrooms can be incubators of our children’s potential, giving each child an equitable opportunity to learn and improve.

Properly funding our schools, technical colleges, post-secondary education, and life-long learning must always rise above partisan politics. If we ask our students to do their best everyday, we need to expect the same from our leaders.


Our transportation system is not currently able to move workers and those in need successfully from Point A to Point B.

Congestion on Highway 169 will never be solved solely by added more lanes. Minnesota must pass a comprehensive transportation bill with funding that focusing on improving our current system roads, bridges, and transit. Specifically, our next legislator must focus on working with their colleagues in funding the planned bus rapid transit for Highway 169 to increase mobility for businesses and commuters and improve access to transit in Shakopee.


Locally available affordable housing is critical to having a local workforce.

Housing has become too expensive for many to afford. We want our children to be able to move away and get new experiences then come back to Shakopee to raise their families and start businesses. Affordable housing and rentals are critical for first-time home buyers and empty-nesters.

We know that our ability to have a local workforce hinges on our ability for people to live and work in the same community. The state needs to take steps to increase our availability of housing by reducing regulations, creating private investment strategies, and allowing local governments to tie fees to property values.

Racial Inequality

It is unconscionable that Minnesota is second best in the nation for raising families and second worst in racial inequity.

We must stop just talking about this problem but tackle it head-on through fully funding pre-K so all kids get a fair start in school; legalizing marijuana to reduce the criminal injustice it brings; and increasing access so everyone can get a good-paying job no matter where they live.

Collaborative Government

I’m extremely proud of the work we did together as Mayor. We focused on professionalism, transparency, and looking to the future for our community. I will continue working on these areas as your legislator.


The MN Legislature passed a 989-page bill at 2:31 am on the final day of session. Legislators had neither enough time to read the bill nor understand if it was good for their community.

This happens time and time again at the Legislature and is not right.

I will fight for transparency in government and work with anyone, anywhere that wants to get good work done for MN District 55a.

Campaign Civility Promise

I promise to you that we will have a positive, issues-based campaign that isn’t based on buzz-words, highly-partisan issues, and personal attacks.

Local Control

During my time as Mayor, I was constantly frustrated with state government because they always thought they knew how to serve our constituents better than we did at a local level.

I firmly believe that the best decisions are made closest to the people.

People should first work together to solve neighborhood problems. Local problems should be solved by local elected officials. If they can’t solve them, it becomes a County solution and finally a State or Federal solution.

The State of Minnesota should not overreach or pre-empt local decisions.

Health Care

One of the main issues I hear about when knocking doors is health care. It is too expensive, not providing necessary solutions for people in need, and burdening our business community.

We must transition to a universal health care system that doesn’t leave behind those with pre-existing conditions, experiencing poverty, or having major health issues.


Immigration is a Federal issue where the United States is miserably failing. We must recognize the value that immigrants and their families provide to our culture, workforce, and communities at both the state and local levels.


I am pro-choice.

Gun Safety

Growing up on a farm in northwestern Iowa, I appreciate the importance of firearm ownership. I do not want to prevent responsible gun ownership. However, I believe that the vast majority of us feel there is a sensible way to approach gun safety and gun ownership. 

I favor expanding background checks on all gun sales, both new and used; eliminating bump stocks; and limiting round capacity.

Recall Elections

State representatives, state senators, the governor, the lieutenant governor, the secretary of state, the state auditor, the attorney general, supreme court judges, court of appeals judges, and district judges are all subject to recall in Minnesota. However, there is no mechanism to recall local elected officials.

I support extending the same process available at the state level to all publicly elected officials to handle issues of “malfeasance,” “nonfeasance,” and “serious crime” by elected officials.

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