Thank you!

Today is the final day of my term as the State Representative for Minnesota House District 55A. I could not possibly be prouder of the work we have done together. Thank you so much for the honor of representing you.

Serving in the Minnesota House has been full of opportunity.

I have had the opportunity to join our State’s elected leaders working together for the betterment of all Minnesotans. I have had the opportunity to learn from and have been constantly impressed by the creativity, professionalism, and optimism for our future shown by all of the staff at the House. I cannot thank them enough for their work. I have also had the opportunity to share our story bringing hundreds of Shakopee residents to Saint Paul to get a closer look at government and by bringing Legislators to Shakopee.

Serving in the Minnesota House has also been full of extreme emotions.

I joyfully cried the day we passed Drivers Licenses for All in the Minnesota House. My daughters were there and saw what an incredibly impactful piece of legislation it was for so many. I then cried out of frustration and anger after being yelled at and called “ni**er-lover” across the bar for doing the important work for that legislation.

We have to do better.

When I was first elected Mayor nearly a decade ago, politics was really different. We had widely differing opinions on policies and politics but didn’t hold them personally against our friends and neighbors. We must find that space again. We have to be able to agree to disagree and still chat with each other at the grocery store and wave while driving down Spencer. We also have to agree to fight against inequality and push for those in our community who need help.

Shakopee is unique and Shakopee is special. We care deeply about our history and value our neighbors. We work hard and play hard. We have the opportunity to do things differently here and I hope we will all try our best to find a politics of joy.

I am deeply disappointed to not be joining my colleagues today as your Representative for another two years, it has been my honor to serve our community. I look forward to continuing to give back as we look toward a better and brighter future for Shakopee and Minnesota.

Thank you for supporting me through good and bad times. Thank you to the local elected officials and legislative colleagues for working together on so many great projects for Shakopee. And thank you to my family and friends for always being there for me.

Thank you so much. Katy, Jean, Ila, and I wish you all the best in 2021.