Deer Hunting

Deer opener is this Saturday for Firearm Hunting Season in Minnesota. Here are a couple of podcasts we have created and information about hunting in Shakopee for you!

Best of luck!!

Chronic Wasting Disease

We spoke with DNR’s Big Game Program Supervisor, Barb Keller, about best practices, dangers, and how to prevent spreading of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Minnesota.

CWD is a disease of prions (proteins) in deer that is similar to Mad Cow Disease. Listen below for more information.

Leashed Dog Tracking

This year, we passed a bill to allow hunters to use leashed dogs to track wounded deer. It was a great collaboration with a Shakopee resident and great group of advocates.

City of Shakopee

The shooting of shotguns with shot shells, bow and arrow or BB guns is permitted only in the following areas of the city:

  • North of the Minnesota River and west of County Highway 101
  • South of Vierling Drive and east of Spencer Street (County Highway 79)
  • Hunting Areas Map [PDF]


  • Shooting is permitted only on contiguous tracts of 40 acres or more.
  • The person shooting must be the landowner or have the written permission of the landowner.
  • No firearm can be discharged within 500 feet of a building or public road.
  • Other areas where hunting with bow and arrow or shotgun with shot shells is allowed include land east of Valleyfair and north of County Highway 101. 

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