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So many people have been asking about our Tabke for MN lawn signs the past few weeks. As you saw primary candidate signs and now Mayoral signs…it has been awesome to hear your enthusiasm and excitement!!

We have been holding off in putting out signs until we get to the point where we can make a big statement – and the time is now!! Lawn signs are going out over Labor Day weekend and we have well over 150 people signed up throughout Shakopee, Jackson Township, and Louisville Township to have a Tabke for MN lawn sign at their home or business. Scroll down to grab yours.


For our campaign, the lawn signs aren’t just lawn signs. Our lawn signs tell a story and remind you each day of what we believe in and to talk with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues about why it is important that we win this November.

We have an AWESOME design team including Mike Haeg, Matt Tonak, and Karsten Lundquist. We ┬ádiscussed how in this campaign we don’t just want lawn signs that scream TABKE and VOTE or something trite. We wanted them to tell a story about who we are as a community and why it is critical that we come together as a community this Fall.

Mike came up with the idea that connections are critical in any community and developed our hands theme representing how different we all are with different background, different ideas, and and different goals but we are still one community working together.

These hands represent everyone from young to old, male and female, all races and ethnicities, military, workforce, and even, yes, each season of the year. This is who we are as a community – a collection of people working together to get great things done for our future.

This is Shakopee.

Karsten, our extraordinarily talented designer, took the lawn signs to the next level to create a high-level story surrounding each pillar of our campaign.

Workforce Development

The future of Shakopee, MN55A, and Minnesota lies in our ability to continue to develop a solid workforce for our future. We must have an education system that functions and helps grow our workers and leaders of tomorrow.

Karsten beautifully captured this ideal and campaign pillar with our education lawn sign holding a textbook reflecting education levels of all kinds whether you are in Pre-Kindergarten or working on your PhD. The hands in the background of this lawn sign show the support for education from everyone in our community.

Embracing our Differences

We as a community – and as a state – are much stronger when we work together. The second pillar of our campaign is to embrace our differences so we can continue to build Shakopee into a better place for everyone to live.

Our politics today is incredibly divisive. We all know this – and we know that we can be better. No matter if you have lived in our community for 100 years or one day, we care about you and working together to make your life better.

Collaborative Governing

As Mayor, we worked very hard to give you a local government that was the most transparent and communicative that we have ever seen in Shakopee. I am really proud of that fact.

We also worked really hard to build connections with government agencies and elected officials throughout the metro to get great things done for Shakopee like the Main Streets program and our local business community that collaborated to bring Rhythm on the Rails; partnering with Greater MSP on economic development; creating the Shakopee Diversity Alliance to advocate and work for all people in Shakopee; and working with the Regional Council of Mayors to build great, long-lasting relationships that are benefitting Shakopee today.

The Minnesota Legislature doesn’t currently work this way and our opponent has opening vowed to not work with colleagues based on their party and beliefs. This is not what we need.

Together, we will work to proactively complete legislative work — not pass 989-page bills at 2:31 am on the final day of session. It will take a lot of hard work but it is doable. We must be successful in working together to solve the big problems facing Minnesota.

Get your lawn sign

Many say that lawn signs don’t win campaigns. I get it, I really do. However, everything helps in a campaign. We are the underdog here and need you to help show our community – in sign form – the great support Tabke for MN has in Shakopee.

You can choose to have your lawn sign delivered or stop down at the campaign office (109 S Lewis) in Downtown Shakopee to pick up whichever sign suits you best.

  • 9:30 am to 11 am on Saturday, September 1 (we’ll have pancakes and sausages for breakfast)
  • 3 pm to 4 pm on Sunday, September 2

If you want to change, you can come to the office and switch out your sign. Or – better yet – you can find one of your neighbors that has the sign you want, knock on their door and introduce yourself and ask to switch for awhile.

Let’s build our community together.

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