Thank you for volunteering to do phone calls!! Here is a guide on how to get up and running!

Get Started

The first thing you need to do is get signed up to make calls. The first thing you need to do is create an ActionID.

  1. Head to
  2. Click Log in with ActionID.
  3. Click Create an ActionID account.
  4. Fill in the contact information.
  5. Click Create Account. (You’ll be asked to set up 2 Factor Authentication. You can skip that for now.)
  6. Head over to your email to confirm your email address and you’re set!

COVID-19 Check-In Calling

Thank you so much for helping to make these COVID-19 Check-In calls. People are struggling right now and anything we can do to help is extremely important.

  • Here is the script to use for COVID-19 (click here to download).
  • Use the script for five or six conversations until you feel what is comfortable for you. You can customize however you would like but stay on the general idea.
  • These are not campaign calls. We aren’t saying anything about voting or campaigns unless someone specifically asks.


Now that you have your ActionID set up, we are going to walk through calling.

Here are some general notes for calling:

  • Our goal is to connect with as many people as possible in a positive manner.
  • Make calls between 10 am and 8 pm on days that make sense (not Easter, July 4th, etc.).
  • You will use your own phone for making these calls.
  • I prefer to use my phone with headphones in so I can see the screen but you can also use your computer.
  • I’d love for you to make a minimum of 20 calls and ideally 50. You can do them on your own schedule and pace.


Please read through the full list before you start your first call.

  1. You will have received a link via email for calling. Click that link now or send me an email to request one at [email protected].
  2. It will open up the OpenVPB (Virtual Phone Bank).
  3. Enter your ActionID that you set up earlier and your Two-Factor Authentication if you’ve set it up.
  4. You’ll then be taking into the calling section. Call the phone number and chat with Raymond using the script and resource guide below. Don’t leave a message if he doesn’t answer.

5. If you are unable to reach the person you are calling, click on ‘I Couldn’t Reach Raymond’. Enter a reason:

  • Not Home – didn’t answer
  • Refused – if someone hangs up right away or is hostile
  • Wrong number and Disconnected are pretty self-explanatory

6. Click ‘Save & Next Call’ and start a new one.

7. If Raymond did answer, enter any information you got from him in the available boxes. Don’t specifically ask the questions – just enter the info if he freely offers it.

8. If there is followup needed or you learn anything interesting about Raymond, enter those in the Notes section at the bottom.

9. In a frustrating system quirk, you won’t be able to click ‘Save & Next Call’ by just adding a note. We get around this by going up to ‘How and when do you plan to vote’ and clicking any selection. This will allow you to click ‘Save & Next Call’.

Note: After your first call, you’ll get a little attaboy encouragement. On some phones, the button to continue is impossible to click. Turn your phone to landscape and you’ll be able to click the ‘Next Call’ button.


Here is a video tutorial we did for COVID check-in calling.