2020 House Candidates on the Issues

Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve Shakopee. Our election for Minnesota State Representative is a solid choice between working together for the betterment of our community and the divisive language of our opponent that pushes people to their corners. His Republican primary opponent refused to endorse him during a debate.

Together, we can continue to focus on what makes Shakopee an incredible community and continue working to make it even better for our future. As Shakopee residents, we value our neighbors and want everyone to succeed.

Here are some contrasting data points on issues I hear about often when talking with constituents. Our positions differ greatly from that of our opponent and hopefully this helps as you decide who you will be casting your vote for in the State Representative seat.


COVID Safety

Rep Tabke

Effective Leadership: Brad has worked closely with Governor Walz to safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic while working with Shakopee businesses to maintain our economic vitality.

Science proves that wearing masks saves lives. As a State and local community, we must be consistently be focused on three things to stay healthy and bring our economy fully back:

  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wear a mask in public indoor spaces and when around others.
  • Wash your hands.

The Tabke for MN campaign has also ceased all door-knocking for the 2020 campaign because we care for the health and safety of our neighbors.


Mortensen says with “the minimal risks posed by COVID I cannot support a mask mandate and will not comply.” (Facebook)

He also makes the completely inappropriate comparison between mask-wearers and nazis.


Rep Tabke

Effective Leadership: In 2019, Rep Tabke and the Minnesota House passed an education bill with historic funding for Minnesota’s schools, leads on increasing mental health access for students, and signed Rep Tabke’s bill into law providing bussing for pregnant and parenting teens (HF681).

Shakopee residents deserve a world-class education for the careers of tomorrow from pre-K through retirement.


Question: Should the State provide additional support to local school districts who are facing financial challenges?

Mortensen: “No.”

Link: youtu.be/OaFVW3_lpDg?t=1039


Rep Tabke

Effective Leadership: I pledge to you that I will, to the best of my ability, always be positive and focused on policy issues affecting Shakopee, Jackson Township, Louisville Township, and the State of Minnesota and how to make our communities better for our future. (Civility Pledge)


  • Calls opponent Bob Loonan a “Gutless Republican” (Chamber Debate)
  • Mortensen, if elected, will work against the Republican House Caucus members as a member of a third-party caucus that was created because they didn’t feel the current Republicans were conservative enough (youtube)

Transportation – Highway 169

Rep Tabke

Effective Leadership: In 2019, Rep Tabke wrote and passed a bill in the Minnesota House (HF 1555) that would add a MNPass / Bus Rapid Transit lane from Marschall Road in Shakopee to Highway 55 and into Downtown Minneapolis.


“Every year the CCAP fraud goes unaddressed we could have paid for half of the 169 bridge expansion.  I intend to fight to end wasteful programs like CCAP so we can redirect those tax dollars to overdue infrastructure projects like the Bloomington Ferry Bridge.” (MortforHouse.com/Transportation)

If you could write, sign, and pass three laws today, what would they be and why?

Rep Tabke

  1. Pass a comprehensive transportation bill.
  2. Pass Paid Family and Medical Leave that will greatly benefit Shakopee residents, small businesses, and all Minnesotans by supplementing income if you need to take time off for work to do things like care of a sick child, a dying parent, or go through chemo.
  3. Pass housing bills that leverage private investment to add more affordable housing throughout Minnesota.


  1. Pass term limits
  2. Repeal Governor Walz’s emergency powers.
  3. Phase out fiscal disparities.

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