Endorsement: Michelle Bahr

As the November election is right around the corner, we have an assortment of yard signs in front of our Scott County home. I’d like to share with you why our “Tabke” sign is front and center outside.

I will be voting for Brad’s re-election. While there are several reasons for that, I’d like to share my No. 1 reason.

Back when Brad was mayor of Shakopee, Minnesota was voting on the marriage amendment (2012). Mayor Tabke called a community meeting and invited several speakers to that meeting to have a discussion about same-sex marriage. If I remember correctly, it was standing room only. I took up some space in a corner and didn’t say anything… but I drove home with tears in my eyes. As the mother of a gay child, that vote meant everything to me and my son.

I’ll never forget that — Brad didn’t have to hold a meeting, but he did, because he knew it was important. And it certainly was important to moms like me. Since that time, as our state representative, he’s been a huge help to me as the owner of a small business during COVID-19.

I also know that Brad has been on the right side of history in attempting to ban conversion “therapy” (conversion “therapy” is a torturous practice that aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This leads to serious harm, mostly in our young people, like depression, suicide, abuse of substances and PTSD) in Minnesota (we’re not quite there, but we hopefully will be soon).

Brad Tabke has shown me that he is a stellar human being who truly cares about others. And their rights. He gets my vote.