Campaign Season 2020

Yesterday, I posted this to Facebook to help get everyone prepared for the upcoming campaign season.

tl:dr Be kind. Volunteer. Donate. This is how we make the world a better place together.

Original Post:

Hello, friend –

Posted by Scott County GOP on their Facebook Page

We have fully entered the 2020 campaign season. If our assumptions are correct, this campaign cycle is going to be even nastier than the last. We will see more of these pics (and much worse) that are built to divide us, take things out of context, and flat-out lie.

Here is a guide for what I expect and need from you as a supporter:

? Always, always, always be civil and respectful in your conversations – especially on social media. It is ok to disagree but do not ever make it personal. Stick to the policy and subject matter. #gohigh Our Civility Promise ->

? Though I appreciate it, there is no need to respond to the insane, crazy things they post about me. It hurts your blood pressure, gives more space for them to argue, and keeps bumping up their bs in the facebook / twitter algorithms. Just breathe…and see my next point. 

? We win by talking with voters about what we care about: education, health care, caring for our neighbors, and supporting our incredible community. I make between 60 and 100 phone calls EACH DAY since I can’t door knock ?. Can you find two hours to call with me instead of blowing up CCOS –>

? Because of COVID and all the work I’ve been doing, I’m behind on fundraising and need your contribution. If you can, $1,000 goes a looooong way. If you can’t, your $50 per person or $100 per couple donation is completely refundable by the State of MN to keep big PAC money out of our races. Donate today —>

‼️ Lastly, share the good stuff!! We have so many great things happening today amidst the terrible things. There are billions of reasons to have hope our future will be better than today. However, we can only get there together if you share the good stuff (like my posts), add positivity to the world, and work your ass off to win these November elections!! Again —->

Thank you so much for your support and your love during all of this! I really appreciate it and you are amazing!!