Thank you for an amazing 2020 Kickoff!!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us, donated, committed to volunteering, signed up for a lawn signs to kick off this 2020 Re-Election with Governor Walz, Speaker Hortman, Leader Winkler, our team, my family, and me.

It was AWESOME!!

Over 150 people packed the Shakopee Brewhall to eat Taco Loco tacos and organize around winning in House District 55a this fall.

Governor Walz

It was an incredible honor to have Governor Tim Walz join us this week for our 2020 Campaign Kickoff!!“I have a soft spot in my heart for folks like Brad where people always talk about ‘it is a tough place to run and things like that’. Well, he didn’t run because it was easy. He didn’t run because he thought he would win. He ran because he thought he could bring leadership to the ideals that will improve people lives here.”

Posted by Tabke for MN on Sunday, January 12, 2020

Speaker Melissa Hortman

Thank you so much to Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman for coming to our 2020 #TeamTabke Campaign kickoff!! It is an honor to work together with you getting work done for #Shakopee and Minnesota!“Brad was from the word go a real leader in the caucus. He was Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee and on the Conference Committee working hard to make the Republicans in the Senate agree to reasonable things.”

Posted by Tabke for MN on Sunday, January 12, 2020

House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler

Huge thank you to Majority Leader Ryan Winkler for all of your support for #Shakopee and Minnesota and for joining us for our Tabke for MN 2020 Campaign Kickoff!! (And for being our warm up to the warm up to the warm up for the main act! 😂 And he kicks it off with a solid joke.)“Brad has been someone that people did not expect Shakopee to send to the State Capitol. Someone who is dedicated to this community. Not just a few people but to everyone in the community. In my mind, there is no more courageous member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for taking principled stands on the issues that affect the lives of the people in their district than Brad Tabke.”

Posted by Tabke for MN on Sunday, January 12, 2020

Brad’s Thank Yous

And my speech at the 2020 #TabkeTabke Campaign Kickoff. We have an amazing team and I couldn’t be more honored to work with and represent you all!!“What this is today is the beginning of organizing and moving forward in #Shakopee. Two years ago we’d be lucky to get ten Democrats in a room together and it is my honor to have so many people here today!”

Posted by Tabke for MN on Sunday, January 12, 2020

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