Tabke Endorsement: Jen (Kurvers) Wetherille


This election season we have an overwhelming amount of information coming at us from every direction and it can be very easy to get frustrated with the negativity and just tune it all out.

That frustration can lead people to decide to stay home on Election Day. For weeks we have seen messages of why we shouldn’t vote for someone. Brad Tabke is the only candidate in this race to tell us why we should vote for him, why he deserves our vote. That matters. Rather than negative campaigning Brad chose to focus on issues, open dialogue and inclusion.

Brad has been tirelessly listening, asking questions and discussing what is important to residents. Whether you agree or disagree he would meet with you over a cup of coffee or a beer. Leaders represent everyone, Brad knows and believes this. He will work to find common ground that makes sense for our community.

My family and many of my friends grew up in Shakopee and now have chosen to raise our own families here. I love my hometown and I know Brad is the only candidate who is fit to represent Shakopee, Jackson Township and Louisville Township.

I am proud that my friend Brad has campaigned with respect and integrity. Your vote is as important as it has ever been. Vote for Brad Tabke for Minnesota House District 55A.

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