Tabke Endorsement: Katie Hewitt


Brad Tabke is the best choice to represent 55A in the Minnesota House. The majority of the people who now populate Shakopee are transplants, choosing Shakopee to put down their roots.

People want to live in our community because it is a suburb with a small town feel, yet has momentum behind it for amazing growth and amenities. We need a representative who is forward thinking, yet understands the importance of preserving the history of our community.

I met Brad over 20 years ago in college. His then girlfriend (and now wife) and I were in the College of Education at the University of Iowa. I got to know Brad over the next few years when he visited Katy while attending ISU.

Immediately, I found him so comfortable and relatable, which is exactly what one would expect from a small-town farmer! Many people who have met Brad around Shakopee will agree that he can sit down and have a conversation with anyone about anything.

This is exactly the type of representative we want for Shakopee. Brad runs his campaign with the utmost class and respect for others. He listens to all sides of issues with an open mind.

After nearly two decades of knowing Brad, I can say with certainly that Brad is running for the House to serve the people of Shakopee to make our already amazing town an even more attractive place to live. As mayor, he went above and beyond to connect people with city government issues and discussions. Brad’s passion for involving others will be such a breath of fresh air in St. Paul!

If you are a voter who wants our city moving forward, an approachable representative who understands the value of a small-town feel, and an all-around good guy, then vote Brad Tabke!

-Katie Hewitt

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