Door Knock for Civility

Good morning!

There’s been some chatter the last few days about career politicians.

I ran for office for the first time ever when we won the election for mayor of Shakopee in 2011. When I ran, I promised to serve no more than two terms. Together we made great progress during that time and I delivered on that promise. Since then, I’ve been running my own small business in the private sector, volunteering on boards and non-profits, and working to make our community better for all. I’ve always felt that if we work together we can make our cities, communities and neighborhoods better.

Community service is in my blood. If that makes me a career politician, I'll take the title.

Due to the culture where political campaigns can disregard decency and discourse, I wasn’t sure I’d run for office again. However, I wanted to show Minnesotans that you don’t need to degrade others or abandon your values to run for office. We’re in this together as a community and that’s why we’re running a positive issue-based campaign.

Our campaign is about issues - not buzzwords - and I look forward to chatting with you the next time I knock on your door. This comes at a perfect time because today we are holding a Door Knock for Campaign Civility. Sunday, September 16 at 3:30 pm starting at our office at 109 Lewis Street S.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!


PS: If you care about civility in this election, please check out my campaign civility promise to you.

3 thoughts on “Door Knock for Civility”

  1. I have a hard time believing that you made things better in Shaokpee aka Shakopew. As a Resident I feel that you worked against my Neighbors and I and where only concerned with your own adgenda. Between the Community Center and the Organic Recycling Facility. I don’t know which one was worse!
    I don’t know how you sleep at night?

    1. Thanks – as always – for the feedback, Paula. You know very well that the Organics Recycling Facility is an issue that is out of the City and the Mayor’s hands and that it was built well before I took office.

      I am proud of the Community Center renovation and the work that we did to get that project done.

  2. Why do people hate places where kids and parents can go exercise, play volleyball, basketball, swim and families can celebrate birthdays or seniors can share interests and stay involved in a very wintery climate and make a community a desirable place to live?

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